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If you need to have a re-key done for your home, business, safe, or even a car, we can help. Our re-key services are professional and high-quality. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we provide the very best locksmith services.

Re-key ServiceWhy would you need a re-key service?
We typically have clients that come to us for a re-key service when they want to change their lock so that a new key can be made. Often times, re-key services are requested by clients when they have lost a key and they want to make sure that nobody has picked it up and can use it to break-in. It’s also beneficial if you have handed out a key to somebody, and you are no longer speaking with them, such as if there has been a fight, and you would like to make sure that they cannot get into what you gave them a key to.

Are re-key services more efficient than lock replacement?
Re-key services are definitely more efficient than lock replacement, they are a much easier and cheaper alternative. Having to purchase an entirely new lock to have installed can be expensive. Instead, re-key services are inexpensive and they accomplish the same thing.

How long does the re-key process take?
The re-key process actually doesn’t take much time at all. Within about a half an hour, our professional locksmiths can have your lock reset, to match a new key that no previous keys will work with. It’s efficient, it’s fast, and it’s affordable.

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How does the re-key work?
The process of re-keying is actually quite simple. The internal pins and springs are changed inside of the lock so that the initial key that was used for the lock will no longer work and new keys will have to be made.

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