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When you have locked yourself outside of your home, car, office, or boat, you need a locksmith that specializes in lock picking services. If you are located in the San Francisco bay area, we are a locksmith business that is located nearby and we would love to help. We can pick locks on homes, cars, boats, safes, mailboxes, storage facilities, or basically anything that requires a key in order to gain access to it. We specialize in emergency services as well, so if you are having an emergency, such as if you locked yourself out in the middle of the night, we provide assistance at all hours of the day. Our locksmiths are well-trained professionals that have the experience that is needed to safely pick a lock.

Emergency Locksmith Services in San Francisco

Does picking the lock mean that the lock will get damaged?
A lot of customers are concerned that the lock is going to get ruined when they hire a locksmith. In actuality, most locks can be picked without actually damaging the lock itself. There is no reason to worry about having to replace the lock, our professional locksmith will get the lock picked in no time, and there will be no sign that it was picked or damaged in any way.

Are your locksmith services affordable?

Our locksmith services are highly affordable. We charge very minimal rates to pick locks and we are specialized in a wide variety of lock types. There are very few items that we cannot pick, basically anything that has a keyhole and uses a basic lock system to get in, we can pick. Be sure to contact us for a free quote beforehand, we can give you a rough estimate on the price before we begin.

Do you offer emergency locksmith services in San Francisco Bay area?
As a San Francisco Bay locksmith company, we specialize in emergency services. Often times, our clients lock themselves outside of their home, boat, or office, at an inconvenient time.

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