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One of life’s scariest moments: you have to reach to your boss’s house before 8 p.m.to attend the annual promotion party? You find your car got locked at the parking lot and you remind that you forgot the key in your house? Now you are not being able to inform this bizarre to your boss neither let yourself get out of the car. Later you heard the news that your promotion letter had been passed to your colleague due to your absence. Have you ever thought of facing this situation? It may be even bitter too.

We are at your service

If you are aware of us and our services, you don’t have to bother at all. Just call us; we are the best Emergency Locksmith services in 94557. Our best locksmith in 94557 professionals would be present at your service within 15 minutes at certain and charge you only $15. Had you ever imagined?

The Art of locksmith is now at your city

We don’t prepare our report card ourselves, but in the public ranking we stood the best locksmith services in 94557. We make ourselves get ready always to provide you a 24/7 services and for that reason we have built up a team, full of highly experienced professionals (they are licensed as well) who can repair any kind of locksmith problems of yours and serve you the most upgraded and modern locksmith technology to you.

  • Reprogramming any transponder keys
  • Computer chips key programming
  • Car door unlocking
  • Biometric lick installation
  • Safe combination code
  • Our service quality divides our name from the others in 94557 Area.

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2800 Nicol Ave # 210 ,
Oakland 94602, CA  

Pro, Licensed & Insured  

Phone: (510) 545-4112

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