Car locksmith in San Francisco is a boon for the community!

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There was a time when we could leave our home open and wander around in the neighbourhood and we knew that we are safe and that nothing will go wrong what so ever. These days you can’t think of doing so. It is not virtually possible, with so many thefts & crimes going on we can’t trust anyone. This is a prime reason that we need to ensure that the security in our houses or our offices are good & the locks of the cars that we have are working at its best

Sometimes the 24/7 mobile professional, come to our rescue but always make sure that the automobile locksmith are licensed and insured locksmith service providers.

Car locksmith in San Francisco

Looking for a great locksmith in Oakland, or in San Francisco, then your search ends here.  We serve even in Lafayette, Berkeley and San Mate.We at Bay Pro Locksmith will handle all the lock and key needs in the Bay Area. We deal in high security and industrial locks to small lockboxes, you name it & we do it!

We can assist you in Lock out service for: cars, houses, safes, vault rooms, mail boxes, file cabinets, storage units, boat locks, & we even deal with European high security locks. Re-key service for: house locks, business locks, commercial/industrial and cars. We offer 10% discount for senior citizens, government workers and army/military officials.All hardware that we provide automatically comes with a 3 years warranty, so you can be rest assured our work is always guaranteed.  In case you need a very customized security system & need locks that are high end we carry fingerprint access locks, keyless entry lock, industrial and residential locks, custom security solutions for house and business.  If you are looking for a locksmith in Berkley we are here to help you.

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