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24 Hour Locksmith In San FranciscoAre you interested in installing some advanced lock technologies in your home or place of business? There are many new high security locks that allow you to secure your premises and have peace of mind in knowing that it will remain safe. Many businesses have made the switch to advanced security systems in recent years because they simply are worth the money spent on them. Common advanced security technologies that are often seen today include fingerprint access locks, keyless entry systems, and a variety of custom solutions that can be tailor made for your business or residence.

Fingerprint Access Locks

Fingerprint access locks have become increasingly common in recent years as the technology has become more available. Installing and programming a fingerprint access lock is simple, and ensures that no one is getting through the door other than those that have been programmed in. This provides a number of benefits over some of the other types of locks. To start, you will never have to worry about the keys to the building falling into the wrong hands. Only those who have had their fingerprints programmed in will be able to unlock the door. This is an excellent choice for safeguarding a property and ensuring that only those who you want to have access to it, do.


Keyless Entry Locks
Keyless entry locks are another excellent option for those that are looking for high security locks that are simple to install and use. Most of the time a keyless entry lock will have a keypad, and you will be required to enter a number in order to unlock the door. This can be a great way to ensure that you will always be able to enter your home, even when you do not have your keys on you. It also ensures that family members can always get inside when they are coming to check on you or house sit. Keyless entry locks will often have keyed entry installed into the locks as well, giving you maximum flexibility and additional security against theft.

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Custom Security Solutions
Bay-Pro-Locksmiths also provides you with a number of custom security solutions. Every home and business is different, and the owners of each might have different requirements for securing the property. This is where custom security solutions are the best option available, giving you complete control of the layers of security on the premises. From the type of locks that the doors will have, to having multiple different layers of entry for different levels of employees, a custom solution can be a great way to ensure that you secure your place of business, whether commercial or industrial, without having to interrupt the work flow of your company.

There are many options available to both home owners and business owners in terms of locks, and security. Bay-Pro-Locksmiths provides excellent, high quality lock and security solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, along with custom solutions that allow businesses to custom tailor the type of security and locks on their premises.

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